Sunday, June 21, 2009

Fun With Cousins or Disturbing Influences?

Missy and her girls were here this past week. We had tons of fun together...but I am wondering if the girls might have been a little too influential on my boys. Friday night all of us girls gave each other pedicures. When Andrew saw our toes on Saturday morning, he had Darcey paint his toes. Later that day he asked me if we could buy some more nail polish so that I could keep painting his nails. Awkward!
Then later they ushered Eric into the kitchen to show me his new hairdo. We were definitely all getting in touch with our feminine sides. I think Reed was a little distressed though. Especially about Andrew's toes. He'll have to help the boys work on their manly grunting and burps just to help even things out again.

It is quite possible that I will have a band practicing in my garage in 10-15 years. Andrew is so into air guitar and singing and making crazy rocker faces. It is hilarious, and sometimes a little frightening. He is a character...he just can't help himself. He dances to the beat of his own drummer. The other day, we were cleaning and listening to U2. Andrew says, "Mama, we need to take a break to walk around looking cool." HA!