Sunday, April 17, 2011

Things That are Cute, Hard, and or Loud!

1. Cute- Reed reading to Logan. You wouldn't think that a 4 month old would stay interested in books for that long, but he's got the genes for it and he will lay there for quite a while. 2. Cute now and Hard later- Logan sucks his thumb. It is so cute now, but you can't take a thumb away when he's 3! 3. Hard- Washing my hands while the boys are having a "car wash" for all of their cars. 4. Cute and Hard- How many party hats can Eric wear at a time? The record is six! Beware when they fall off though, because he gets really angry. It is also very hard to give him a hug, you might poke out an eye. 5. Cute obviously- Eric is a great big brother. We just have to stick close by because when he is done holding Logan, he is DONE! 6. Cute- Logan's legs just crack me up. I love that at this age it is cute to have chunky legs. Unfortunately chunky legs aren't considered so cute as you become older. Enjoy them while you can Logan! 7. Hard- Along those same lines, it is hard to find that time and energy to exercise with 3 little boys. When I do exercise, I have an audience. Eric insists on carrying on a conversation with me as I about have a heart attack! Eric actually loves it when I exercise. He adores Jillian on the 30 Day Shred. Yesterday he dragged 3 door mats into the living room and said "Come on guys! Let's play Jillian." 8. Cute- Watching Andrew read to Eric and Logan just melts my heart. What a great big brother! 9. Cute- My cute, sweet Logan. He wants to make everyone happy. As soon as we make eye contact with him, he gets a huge grin! 10. Hard- It is hard to keep the house clean because things like this pop up all over the house in the matter of minutes. The living room was totally clean when I went upstairs to feed Logan, and this is what it looked like when I came back down. 11. Cute- We are so lucky to have 3 great boys.

12. Cute and Just Plain Loud- There are 2 kinds of people in this world: those who like Neil Diamond and those who don't. Obviously we are the former. In case you can't understand the singing (screaming), this is the song "Sweet Caroline" performed by Andrew and Eric.