Sunday, January 25, 2009

Because Mer Asked

I am: Umm...blogging.
I know: The theme song to Thomas the Train, Bob the Builder, Berenstein Bears, Blues Clues, etc...You get the point.
I want: Extreme Moosetracks Icecream. Reed and I are trying to do better and not eat it every night. But it is so delicious, it's hard to resist.
I have: A headache. Andrew and Eric were playing "BOO" earlier.
I hate: Fits. Enough said.
I miss: I'm with Meredith on this one. I miss my family so much. Why did we all get stupid college educations in the first place. Mer, remember when we thought it would be better if we all just got jobs at Walmart. We thought they could even put us all on the same shift. How awesome would that be. Then we've also talked about buying up the houses on mom and dad's street and creating Veatch Row. Super cool!
I feel: Tired, but that's the story of my life.
I hear: Reed talking on the phone with his parents.
I crave: Extreme Moose Tracks Icecream. Yes, I'm obsessed!
I search: For the wonderful little moments with my boys that make being a stay at home mom totally worth it.
I love: All my family, great books, great movies, and Andrew and Eric's laughter.
I care: About a clean house.
I always: Again I'm with Mer on this one. I always stay up way too late. It's because it is my "me" time and I don't want it to end. Unfortunately my boys get up really early so it's not the best idea.
I believe: Sisters are awesome!
I sing: A lot, because when you have an amazing voice like mine you need to share it with the world. (hee hee!)
I write: Shopping lists, to do lists, and my blog.
I lose: My keys and my sanity.
I win: Not much. Reed is the one who wins stuff. He went on an amazing winning streak a few years ago when he one 2 airline tickets, and $50 to Mister Mac. I think the most recent thing that I won was a pen. Lame! Wait, I just remembered that at a BYU Geologist Alumni Party a year ago I won a stuffed BYU dog. Woohoo!
I listen: to Cold Play. Andrew is obsessed. Somehow it became a tradition for Reed and the boys to dance to Fix You everyday after dinner. It is super cute. As soon as Andrew and Eric hear the music they sprint into the living room.
I am scared: Of things that my boys will have to face.
I need: A vacation from my problems! (name that movie)
I am happy: When my boys play nicely together. It really is the best thing ever.
I tag: Chelsea!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Museums Galore

First we went to a dinosaur museum on campus. We had lots of fun. As you can tell we all think it is funny to pretend that the dinosaurs/animals are going to eat us. Then we went to the Bean Museum. The boys were both in awe at both places. Eric was jabbering and pointing the whole time, and Andrew sprinted through the museum. We saw everything in 20 minutes. It's funny because we were worried we weren't going to have enough time to get through before it closed. Well with Andrew setting the pace, we had PLENTY of time. When mom and I saw what time it was we just busted up laughing.


We had so much fun in Utah for Christmas. We thought we would never get there but we were so glad that we finally did. We almost missed our flight because we were caught in traffic. Then when we got to the airport the line to check bags was ridiculous. I seriously was about to break out in hives. We were running through the airport. It may be funny in the movies but not in real life. We were in such a hurry that we forgot our diaper bag at security. By the time we realized it, we didn't have enough time to go back for it. Our flight attendants told us it was probably surrounded by about 10 security guards at the moment anyway. We were glad someone found the humor in the situation. But alas, our troubles were not at an end. The visibility in Salt Lake was aweful so we circled there for an hour before being diverted up to Boise where we sat for 3 1/2 hours. They finally let us off the airplane for 30 minutes to go get food. Andrew didn't want to get off, so he and Reed stayed on the plane while Eric and I went for food. Since Andrew was the only child still on the plane, the pilot invited him to go sit in the cockpit. Pretty cool. Six and a half hours after we were supposed to get there, we finally landed in SLC. Dad was a trooper. He was at the airport for over 7 hours. YUCK. But it was worth it. We had such a great time. Andrew wants to move back. He asked Reed the other day if he had talked to his boss yet about moving back to Utah.
Andrew loved everything about the snow. He wanted to help grandpa shovel, even on days that it didn't snow. Andrew, Reed, and Grandpa made a huge snowman in record time. And I think the picture of Eric could win some type of contest. Can you say "cute?"

SOOO Strong

When we ask Andrew and Eric to show us how strong they are they both clench their fists, hold their breath, and get red in the face. I just love how pleased with himself Eric is after he's done. I don't have a picture of Andrew doing it, but I should get one because it is hilarious. He gets beet red and starts to shake.

Kung Fu Anyone?

A few weeks ago we rented Kung Fu Panda because I thought Andrew would like it and it might be one that Reed and I might actually watch without twitching (if you've ever had to watch a Wiggles movie you know what I mean). Well Andrew is very, very sensitive, and even though I fast forwarded all the scary parts, he thought all the other parts were scary too. Dustin Hoffman's voice is just too scratchy for Andrew's nerves. So we didn't make it through the whole movie. In fact, after we turned it off we had to watch a Blue's Clue's show just so he wouldn't be scared to go to bed. ANYWAY, I digress. We did watch the music video on the DVD of Kung Fu Fighting, and both the boys thought that was pretty great. Andrew overshadows Eric so that is why I put one of him by himself too. Please excuse my singing.

Primary Talent Show

Due to numerous requests, here is the video of Andrew doing river dance at the Primary Talent Show last February. I missed filming the beginning because I was putting the music on. When the music first starts he puts his arms out to the sides, bends his knees, turns from side to side and scowls. It is a hoot. Anyway, this dance is way more laid back then the ones he does at home. He was caught off guard when everyone started clapping, but he never stopped. He was definitely the hit of the show. So many people made comments to us, even people who weren't there. Several people wanted to know where he took dance lessons. They were amazed when I told them that he'd never had any lessons, just a strange obsession with the River Dance video. Anyway, enjoy!