Sunday, January 24, 2010

Cute and Talented...Some People Have All the Luck

First off, I do not know how to turn these video's. I'm sure someone smarter and more technologically savvy then I could do it easily, but alas...I am what I am. So that being said, you are just going to have to tilt either your head or your computer to get the full effect. Next time I will remember to take the video's horizontal.

So one of the drawers in the toy room was empty (because the contents were scattered to the 4 corners of the room) and Eric decided that if he turned it upside down it made a great stage for him to do some musical performances on. He did about 7-10 performances. He wanted me to film each one. After each one he would jump off and say, "I see it now." Then he would watch himself, get very excited and say, "I do 'nother one." This particular song is "Jack and Jill."

While Eric was performing, Andrew was in the bathroom getting ready for bed. He could hear what was going on though, and he decided to hurry it up because he definitely wanted in on it. So then they had to take turns performing, watching their video, and then performing again. Don't even ask what song Andrew is singing. It is one he made up right on the spot. And yes, he is crazy!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Favorite Holiday Moments

We had a great Christmas. A lot of family was able to come to visit us. Aunt Mer came and was a total hit with both the boys. Andrew wanted her to do everything with him. He thinks she is pretty COOL.

My mom and dad came too. It was great. Andrew and Eric always had someone willing to read to them. When it was time for them to go home, Andrew asked if everyone could just live with us. The day we took everyone back to the airport, he just cried and cried. It was so sad.

We had a great Christmas. Here Andrew and Eric are giving each other a hug to thank each other for their presents.
Me and Mer. Don't you love these pictures where you just hold the camera out in front of you and click. I love my sisters!!! Mer is awesome. She and I started the Jilian Michaels "30-day Shred" workout DVD while she was here. I'm not sure I would have had the courage to start this by myself. We had a good time laughing with each other as our weak, pathetic arms shook as we raised our little 3-5 pound weights in the air. It is just way more fun to work out with someone joining you in begging the TV for mercy.

Mom and Dad got this little 12 inch bike for Eric. He was the only child in the cul-de-sac without a big bike, and he just could not keep up on his little tricycle. So what he would do is just push Andrew's bike around the cul-de-sac. It was cute, but sad. He was so excited when he opened this. He has had tons of fun keeping up with the big kids. He calls it his "new, new bike."
My favorite holiday memory from this year is from Eric. He went with Reed to get a present for me. When he got back I said, "Eric, did you go shopping with Daddy?" And he said, "We bought you pretty, pretty necklace. I not tell you. It's a surprise." It was so cute. Everytime I wear that necklace Eric looks at it and says, "Eric and Daddy buy you pretty, pretty necklace. I not tell you. It's a surprise."