Sunday, November 22, 2009


Andrew and I both recently had birthdays. Mine was first so I will start with it. Andrew is so great. As soon as he woke up he went downstairs and made signs and pictures for me and hung them up all over the house. He got treats out of the pantry and put them by my spot for breakfast. Then he set up different game stations. Here is a list of the different birthday party stations that we had:
1-Bounce the ball into the shoe
2-Pin the feather on the turkey
3-Read the books
4-Read the comics
5-Play with the cars
6-Play with the animals
7-Eat breakfast.
Pretty much it was the coolest birthday party ever.
When Reed got home from work he brought me these beautiful flowers. Sweet!

Andrew turned 5 a couple of days ago. He decided that he wanted to have a friends party this year, so this was our first experience with a friends only party. It was Reed and I versus 1o little kids. It actually went really well. Our neighbor girl told me that it was the funnest party at someone's house that she has ever been too. So there you go. We are totally awesome apparently.

Andrew wanted a Lightning McQueen Cake, and he helped me make it. While he was mixing up the batter with the beaters he said "Hey mom, this looks like your tummy." Anyone who has given birth can probably sympathize with me on this observation by my 5 year old. Unless you were one of those freakishly lucky people who didn't get 10,000 stretch marks. Anyway, lets just say that knocked me down a couple of notches. What I wanted to say was "Hey, you're the one who did this to my stomach, and any spot that you left free of stretch marks, Eric came along and took care of!!!" I didn't though. I just smiled and helped him make an AWESOME cake. By the way, he and Eric are totally worth the loss of my flat stomach.

Also I just have to tell you what Andrew requested for his special birthday dinner. He asked for a peanut butter sandwich, peanut butter pretzels, carrot sticks, mickey mouse cheese, and apple slices. YUM! We love you Andrew.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Larry Boy and Thomas the Train

Eric loves Thomas the Train, so that is what he was for Halloween. Reed and I made his costume on Friday night, and when he woke up the next day and saw it he was so excited. Eric was totally amazed by the Trick-or-Treat thing. When he realized that people were putting candy into his bag, he let out a little whoop of delight and did a jig. It was totally awesome and hilarious. All night he kept telling people that he was Thomas, and then at one of our last houses a lady said, "Are you Thomas?" and Eric replied, "No, I Eric."

For several months now Andrew has wanted to be Larry Boy from VeggieTales for Halloween. For the benefit of those who don't know who this is, I will explain. Larry the Cucumber turns into a superhero, Larry Boy, who has plungers for ears. Well we went to 4 different stores chasing the elusive mini plunger that everyone claimed existed for garbage disposals, but to no avail. So we had to make do with making our own plungers. Not many people knew who Andrew was, but those who did got a huge kick out of it. Also as a fun bonus to his costume, he could whack people just by turning his head quickly.