Friday, May 13, 2011

Random Stuff

Andrew is playing coach pitch baseball...and he is LOVING it! He is doing so great. Last week he scored the first run for his team of the season. I wish I had taken a picture of his face as he crossed home plate. His face was a mixture of pride and excitement. It was awesome.

Eric told us that he wanted to play baseball as well, so we signed him up for T-Ball. He has had 2 games, and so far he has been "too tired" to play, or it is "too windy" to play. The little stink bug!

Logan likes daddy playing peek-a-boo with him!

Last week we started Logan on rice cereal. The next 3 pictures illustrate how he felt about it!



Just stop Mama, PLEASE!

Eric just turned 4. He has really taken being 4 seriously. He is being much more mature and independent. It is great! So many things that he used to say he needed my help with he now says he can do by himself because he is 4. The other day Eric said, "Mama, six hundred is a 6 with 2 zeroes after it." I said, "Eric, how did you get so smart?" "Because I am 4 now!"

He is such a sweet boy. The other day he was laying on our bed and he said to Reed, "Daddy, I am so cold." So Reed put the sheet on him. "No Daddy I am still cold." So Reed put the blanket on him. "No Daddy I am still cold." Reed said, "What else do you need?" Eric said, "Daddy I just need you." Our hearts melted.

In church on Sunday, the boys filled out questions for me for Mother's Day. One of the questions was "Why do I love my mom?" Eric had his teacher write "Because I wanted her." I wanted you too Bud!