Sunday, March 28, 2010

From Ahh to AUGGHHH!

So often our boys go from something that is so cute and awesome and quickly it turns to something crazy. The other day we decided to do pillowcase races. The boys thought that this was just the funnest thing ever. Andrew was a lot faster then Eric, so he would wait for Eric at the end and then shout, "It's a tie!" and they would both laugh and laugh. As shown in the following videos, this game quickly digressed.

One day we were outside cleaning up bikes, balls, etc. and Eric went into the house. When I went in, I said "Eric, where are you?" He said, "I going poops." I was so proud. I hear the toilet flush and then I hear Eric's sweet voice saying, "It's cold." Yup, he stuck his foot in the toilet. My one consolation is that he flushed first.

Again with the potty. I was trying to make dinner and Eric had to go potty. I usually stay in there while he washes his hands, but this time I was in a hurry so I left. I said, "Can you wash your hands by yourself today?" He says "Yes Mama." Well he's in there singing and talking and generally sounding very cute. Then I hear, "I can't turn it off." I ran in and Eric had plugged up the sink and flooded the bathroom! As I was cleaning Eric just kept saying, "Mama I sorry I did dat. I sorry I ruined the band aids."

Eric and Andrew wanted to be my chefs for lunch one day. So cute. I had bread, apples, carrots, an entire dinner plate filled with crackers, a whole gallon of milk and a whole container of apple juice...and a HUGE mess to clean up afterwards.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

I'm Lame...Who's With Me?

I love watching the Olympics. But there is a drawback. It really makes me feel like a loser. Chelsea and I talked about this extensively after the summer Olympics. We both loved them so much but then we were like, "Oh man, why can't we be cool too?" Being a glutton for punishment, I watched the Winter Olympics too. Just when I was getting over my feelings of inadequacy, 5 time medalist speed skater Chad Hedrick comes to a Verizon store near our house. Reed and Andrew went to see him and had him sign our Salt Lake City Olympics banner. He wasn't in those Olympics, but it was the only Olympics thing we had. Reed and Andrew said it was really neat. They got to see all of his medals. He has 2 bronze, 2 silver, and 1 gold. They were excited that they got to meet him. Oh and don't worry, in a couple of days I will be okay with being mediocre again.