Sunday, December 7, 2008

Andrew...He's a Dancing Machine

Our Andrew loves to dance. It has been so fun to see him evolve with his dancing. It started out as knee bending when he was a baby, eventually leading to a full out obsession with River Dance. He has never been able to sit still when their is music playing. I remember when he was just a little baby, a car driving by with loud rap music playing, and Andrew dancing to it. Sometimes he lets us join in with him, but most of the time he wants us to sit and watch so that we can cheer and clap for him. He loves an adoring audience...and as you can tell by the video he definitely hams it up for your viewing pleasure.


We spent Thanksgiving up in Arlington this year. Here's Reed and Eric watching the traditional Thanksgiving football. Eric was very mellow on Thanksgiving.

Our next door neighbors have a little pip squeak dog named Jenny. Now Eric thinks that all dogs are called "Yenny." In fact he called Dale and Missy's dog "Yenny" the whole time we were up at their house. We kept trying to tell him her name was Callie but to no avail. Eric and Andrew both like to play that they are "Yenny." They crawl around and pant and we have to scratch them behind their ears and say " oh you're such a good Jenny dog...etc, etc."