Sunday, October 31, 2010

Fall Fun

Doesn't Eric make a beautiful women? My friend is actually holding Eric up because he was way to short to be seen. This was a fun little trip to a place called Oil Ranch. The kids got to ride horses, milk a cow (Eric opted out of that one), see lots of animals, go on a hay ride, a train ride, bounce in a bouncy house, and get a pumpkin. They had so much fun. Mama was completely worn out. Even the bouncy hay and train rides didn't make the baby come out though.

Such good looking cowboys!!!

For Halloween Eric decided that he wanted to be "Green Thunder" or Chick Hicks from the movie "Cars." Yes, that is the mean car that crashes all of the other cars. Oh well. Reed was the master mind behind the cardboard box construction, I spray painted, and Andrew and Eric covered it with stickers. Eric also helped do a lot of the decorating. He did a great job. He actually has planned out what he wants to be for the next 5 Halloweens. "For this Halloween I want to be Green Thunder, then the next one I want to be a superhero, then a ducky, and then a really big Thomas the Train," Okay so I exagerated, 4 Halloweens. Anyway, so after the ward Trunk-or-Treat he was ready for his superhero costume. Reed and I were like, "Yeah...that's not going to happen."

Andrew wanted to be a superhero, "Super Andrew!" It is embarassing to admit how late Reed and I stayed up on Friday night sewing Andrew's costume. But what is even more embarrassing is how much tape and safety pins were still required to achieve the right look. On the way to the Trunk-or-Treat Andrew listed off all of his powers. They were pretty impressive. He can fly, run faster then Dash, and is stronger then Superman. "If glass hits me it will break into 109 pieces." He also said that his wristbands are shields and that there is only one thing that can get through his shields. He wanted a lot of input from us as to what this might be, but he finally came up with something...the name of which I can't remember right now. Let's just say that Andrew's kryptonite is something like "Wukenite."

Andrew chose out the deisgns that he wanted for his cape, belt, wristbands, and badge. Super Andrew is one cool superhero!
Here I am with all 3 of my boys. We decided the baby needed to have a costume too, so he went as a Jack-o-latern.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Updates from September

We started the month off by purchasing a minivan to make room for Tank. Yes, we are now minivan people! Andrew and Eric think that it is just about the coolest thing ever. It is so much bigger than our other cars, they feel like we are so high up. Even if we are next to a huge truck they say, "Look, we are as tall as that truck."
This is Eric's self portrait. He took several, but this is the one that allows you to actually see his cute face. So before I tell this story I have to confess something...we read in the bathroom. Gasp! So every time Eric walks in on one of us we are holding a book or magazine. The other day he ran in to go potty. He grabbed a crossword puzzle book that was on the floor, put the seat up, opened the book and stood there doing his business while perusing the book. Since he was standing up, he was done in about 5 seconds. It seriously was one of the cutest things that I have ever seen.

Andrew has now lost 2 teeth. This is his self portrait to show off his new grin. Eric thinks it is so cool that Andrew has lost teeth, and received money under his pillow, that now he is always showing us his "loose" tooth.
The count is up to around 10 people now who have asked me if I am having twins. I carry out and down! It is not my fault! Sorry there is no photo to go along with this update. Maybe I'll be bold and let Reed shoot one right before I pop.