Sunday, December 4, 2011

We Are Alive!!!

The reason I have not posted in so long is that we moved to Montana...and because I am lame and tired. I might do a couple of posts to highlight cool things that have happened since May, but I didn't want to get too overwhelmed so I thought that I would start in the present and work backwards.
We just had Logan's 1st birthday. He liked his cake. But by the end he was not liking the fact that his fingers were dirty. Logan is doing really well walking now. His record is 9 steps. He also likes to stand and bend up and down over and over. Reed also taught him how to blow so that he could blow out his birthday candle. It is super cute. He loves to jibber jabber and especially play peek-a-boo, and he is a HUGE flirt! Unless of course you try to take him from mama or dada then watch out!
On an unrelated note, Andrew lost one of his top teeth today. It has been hanging by thread for a few days now and tonight while we were reading stories he got it twisted in such a way that it wasn't out and it wouldn't go back in. He started freaking out, which I thought was quite reasonable given the position of his tooth. Reed convinced him to tie dental floss around it and then shut the bathroom door. On the first try, Andrew walked the door shut. On the second try, he wasn't standing far enough away. On the third try I heard a "clink" from where I was cowering in the kitchen, and I hear Andrew say, "It came out!" A pause and then, "OWWW!" And then tears. We had to read more stories to take our minds off of it.


R and A said...

Why are computers so lame. I did not tell the computer to format the words like that. It didn't look like that when I typed it. Why do computers hate me?

RAPN! said...

Glad you are alive! We have been wondering how your move has been~ Hope you have been transitioning well!

Kristen Wilde said...

Wow, Montana is a big move. That sounds exhausting, not lame! Your boys are adorable.

Meredith said...

I thought you would never update with pictures! I thought you hated me forever! I'm glad that you don't. Logan is so big! And I was never, ever brave enough to do that tooth thing, so I'm impressed by Andrew.