Sunday, January 22, 2012

Christmas and Beyond

I thought I should probably put a few Christmas pictures on here. Here's Andrew with his new polar bear. Andrew is doing great. He is doing really well in school. He has gotten 100% on each one or his spelling tests, so now he has a goal to be the best speller in 1st grade. He is also playing basketball. He has a goal to make it to the BYU basketball hall of fame. He wants to be the best at everything he does. Reed is Andrew's assistant coach, and the coach told Reed the other day that Andrew was really good.
Ahh Christmas, and the mess that goes along with it. Here are the boys with all of their stocking stuff spread out all over there new table. This table is really cool. Our landlords gave it to us. He had made it for their kids when they were young, and they wanted to see it in use again. On Christmas, Andrew asked who the table was from. I said "Who do you think it is from." Eric piped up, "I think that it is from Santa." I said, "Well actually Santa had a helper this time. Bro. S made this table. Isn't that cool?" Eric said, "How did he get to the North Pole?"
Andrew and Eric look totally stylin' in their new hats from Aunt Heidi.
Eric has been really hilarious lately. The other night we were at the dinner table talking about karate. Eric pipes up, "I made up a new karate song. 'BILL NYE, TAKE THAT!'" Reed and I about choked on our food we were laughing so hard. We also don't know what Eric has against Bill Nye, who in our opinion is totally awesome.
Tonight at dinner Eric and Andrew had a very interesting conversation.
Eric: "Andrew, I want to marry you when I grow up."
Andrew: "You can't. You can only marry girls."
Eric: "What! I can only marry girls?"
Andrew: "Yup."
Eric: "Yuck! If I have to marry a girl then I'm not getting married at all!!!!!"
Logan is running all over the place now. He also recently discovered dancing and he thinks it is really fun to dance around with us when there is music playing. He is a huge flirt at church, at least until someone tries to hold him. The other day I was at the post office. I was helping Eric get his coat back on when Logan started to walk towards the doors. A lady came in a said something to him, so he quickly turned around and started walking away. Unfortunately he walked away from me. When he didn't see me right away he got really scared. It took me a long time to calm him down. It must be confusing to be so short and all you see are legs. The other day we were at the library and he grabbed the lady's leg that was standing next to me. Eventually he looked up and saw me and got a confused look on his face like, "If mom is there, then whose leg is this?!" The funny thing was, that the lady didn't even ever notice. She must be used to her own kids hanging on her.

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Meredith said...

They are so big and cute!!! And funny! Thanks for posting some awesome pictures of them!